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When it comes to investing, there are a few ways to keep track of current and past investments. The first way is to hire a broker (expensive). The second way is to keep track of all this information on your own (time consuming). The third way is to use a simple tracking tool like TradingDiary Pro. This program comes with easy to read charts, graphs, and other investment details that are easy to read and understand.


All you have to do is enter investment details into the TradingDiary Pro database to begin testing and tracking your current portfolio. Since this program does only work if you have a portfolio, it’s best to invest prior to purchasing TradingDiary Pro (unless you want to track a hypothetical portfolio, that is). As soon as your portfolio information has been entered, this program will track your patterns, provide you with end of day quotes, and give you some helpful advice based upon your investment trends. TradingDiary Pro is suitable for investors of all levels – a great learning tool.

Main Function

Keeping track of investments is really important. Whether you are a casual trader or a professional trader, understanding where you are making money and where you are losing money is vital. TradingDiary Pro keeps track of all of these details for you, so that you can simply invest as you see fit. After studying the charts provided by this program, you can determine whether or not your investments are working out for you and adjust accordingly.

Extra Features

This program comes with lots of features (in fact, it’s packed with them). However, one of the best features is the graphs and charts that TradingDiary Pro produces. Users will be given a number of different charts including everything from distribution charts to total equity charts to charts including gains and losses.


TradingDiary Pro can be purchased for $89, which (in this reviewer’s opinion) is an excellent price for software that includes so much stock tracking information.

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Reviewed by Michael Murphy
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